Travel Insurance to Cambodia and fundamental information for the best choice

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09 Jul, 2022 (GMT+7)

Going on a trip is one of the exciting ways to relax, enjoy the gorgeous time, spend time with lovers, family, and friends, find satisfaction in natural good looks and discover the world to find new fun in their life. Traveling abroad is always the best choice for many people who want to know about new cultures, foreign food, or incredible landscapes different from their normal surroundings. When preparing for a trip, travelers will make a perfect plan not to forget consequential items like Credit Card, Visa Card, e-Visa, Cash, outfits, accessories, etc. Another thing you should never forget is to own travel insurance.

Why is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Travel insurance is different from health insurance. The question is “ Will Your Health Insurance Cover You Overseas?” And the answer can be your disappointment, health insurance is not in charge of paying overseas expenses. If you have not understood yet, let's answer the following questions:

What will you do in the following situations?

1/ You will have to cancel your trip because your family has some trouble that needs your help and you have booked a hotel and flight ticket before.

2/ You get sick, injured, or have a personal accident when abroad.

3/ Your baggage and belongings are stolen or lost and you don’t have anything like Passport, e-Visa, cash, etc.

4/ You happen to touch Covid-19 and you have to pay quarantine and treatment expenses abroad.

What will you do in the following situations?

If you have never thought of them yet, let’s take a note because Travel Insurance will accompany and solve the above expenses during travel abroad, including Covid-19 coverage.

Travel Insurance to Cambodia

Cambodia, aka Kampuchea Khmer, officially the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochinese Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It's a big omission if not to mention the colossal temples of Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, Angkor National Museum, Landmine Museum, and Cambodia National Museum. Besides, the sun sloth lies on the sandy white beaches, and dense forests and the bustle of modern life in Cambodia can seduce the thousand of tourists’ hearts. Furthermore, Exotic Islands or Cultural festivities are deserving things to delight in and Friendly locals make the tourist have a sympathetic look to Cambodian and Cambodia. From these factors, Cambodia deserves to be an enthralling destination in Southeast Asia, and to avoid problems, it is recommended to invest in travel insurance.

Travel Insurance to Cambodia

What does the Cambodian Government require when entering for tourists?

Cambodia has strict entry requirements for tourists:

These include:

  • The traveler has a negative COVID-19 health certificate issued at least 72 hours before the travel date.
  • Travel medical insurance with coverage for Coronavirus of at least US$50,000 *.
  • Another COVID-19 test on arrival in Cambodia.
  • Unvaccinated international travelers must Pre-book quarantine hotel reservations for $2000 in cash.

How much does Travel Insurance to Cambodia cost?

The cost of individual travel insurance belongs to the following factors:

1/ The Age

Age is one of the primary factors that affect the cost of travel insurance. Based on age, will have an appropriate insurance plan.

2/ Destination

Healthcare facilities are very different in each country. Making a balance between the coverage and cost, there are different coverage plans for different destination clusters.

How much does Travel Insurance to Cambodia cost?

3/ Duration of Trip

Long stay single trip or short stay single trip, single trip or multi-trip also have a level of coverage plans and the insurance premium that are quite dissimilar. For example, if you take a 10-day trip, it’s better to choose a more than a 10-day travel insurance policy. The insurance premium will be higher but you will have no worry if you want to last your trip for a few more days.

Enjoy your trip, explore the world and get some new knowledge with peace of mind. Our travel insurance is designed to suit each person, the duration of the trip, and depending on the circumstances, there will be an appropriate travel insurance policy. Remember that owning travel insurance while abroad is a smart way to invest in safety for yourself and your partner. If you need help selecting the plan that best fits your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email Address: [email protected] or Hotline +65 6240 6842.