Fundamental Cambodia Travel Tips

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09 Jul, 2022 (GMT+7)

You are about to travel to Cambodia, let's take your mini minutes to remember some tips. Simple stuff can help you derive pleasure and make an easier trip.


There are two currencies that are used in Cambodia: the US dollar (USD), and the Cambodian Riel (KHR). You buy your needs in USD and can take money back in both rief and dollar. If you want to have Rief, you can exchange it at any bank or maybe at the local markets/black market for a better rate.


Cambodia's primary language is Khmer, which is used by 90% of the population. The intonation can be a little different between regions but Cambodian natives speak central Khmer.


Traveling makes Cambodia develop English, you can find some people speak English in bigger towns and cities. If you want to be more friendly with native speakers, you can also learn some basic Khmer words.


You can get Visa on arrival when you are at the airport right away. Just show your passport-sized photo with you, the process is simple and easy to get a visa on arrival.

E-Visa is more convenient because you just need to apply for a Cambodian tourist e-visa at least 5 working days before your trip.

Experience Tuk-Tuk Or Buses to get around

Transport in Cambodia is easy and cheap. You can choose Tuk-Tuk to explore the cities or towns, and buses to move from one region to the next. They are popular and widespread, and especially they deserve to be experienced.

Beaches and Islands are the perfect places

Cambodia's beaches and islands have breathtaking beauty, and also keep the rustic and primeval look that does not suffer from tourism overdevelopment. We recommend that you should visit Cambodia’s beaches and islands ASAP because pristine tropical beauty will be developed by global investments.

Angkor Wat - It is worth visiting

Angkor Wat is the main temple complex of the UNESCO World Heritage site, which is really massive and you should spend quite a bit of time exploring. One day may not be enough time to move all the complexes, so spread your time over two or three days.

Angkor Wat - It is worth visiting

Trip Cost to Cambodia is cheap

Cambodia has been developing tourism and everything you experience can be quite cheap (except Angkor Wat). Some factors: accommodation, food, alcohol, transport, etc always have more options for you to consider for an appropriate budget.


  • Hoste: Dorm, Double, Hotel.
  • Curry: Western styles, Fried rice, Ice cream, 50c
  • Beer, Spirits
  • Bus: Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville by Tuk Tuk or Taxi or Boat Sihanoukville to Islands

Don’t support kids in selling

It is not rare to catch some kids begging or trying to sell you books, bracelets, or trinkets in many tourist hotspots. You shouldn’t buy it because they need to have awareness of education rather than to earn money early. They need to learn more knowledge before business, which makes more sustainable development for a civilized tourism country.

Best time to visit Cambodia

The tourists have an opportunity to delight in the blue skies, warm air, and little rain from November to March. This is the peak season of Cambodian tourism and you should book accommodation before your trip to have the right price.

 Best time to visit Cambodia

May to October is the time of the rainy season, with the highest rainfall in the period from July to September. But don’t worry, there will be heavy rain for some hours, not the soaking rain that lasts all day.

Prepared for the Cambodia trip

Of course, money, outfit, visa, and travel insurance are all necessary and compulsory items. In addition, the weather in Cambodia is very very hot and you should bring sunscreen, hats, and clothes that meet the temple and pagoda requirements. Own a camera to save the most worthy memories.

Getting sick on your trip is a bad situation but you should prepare for that. Bring some drugs such as stomach-ache medicine, diarrhea drug, headache medicine, and even antipyretics and Travel Medkit. These help you to decrease the pain before the sickness gets worse and even hospitalize (worst case).

Travel Insurance to Cambodia

Traveling is the best time to have fun and enjoy the beauty of life. But there are a bunch of troubles that can happen and cause unexpected results such as sickness, trip cancellation, trip interruption, loss of baggage, coronavirus, etc. Cambodia is so friendly and safe but crime also exists. It is so important to get travel insurance before the Cambodia trip.